Vivo Y73 Choose The Best Smartphone In India


Vivo Y73 – the newest mid-budget smartphone from Vivo. It comes with a big, 6.2 inch capacitive display that looks great. Vivo has basically reinvented itself. It has created a new generation of smart phones for people who are more concerned about looks and user-friendliness than performance and raw power. So what’s so special about this phone? vivo y73

For those of you not familiar with this new handset, Vivo has basically reinvented the way we take pictures with a smartphone. Not only do they have a killer camera, but they have a ton of software loaded into it. This not only includes the usual apps like music, videos, e-mail, but also games, navigation, and social networking. In fact, the Vivo Y73 has everything you need to be a jack of all trades. Here are some of its most impressive features:

Dual Shot – The Vivo Y73 has a dual camera setup. The first is the regular 12.2 MP camera with laser auto focus. The second camera is equipped with an optical zoom feature that makes the user look like they are looking through a viewfinder. This allows the user to get a clear picture even if they move their head or change the position of their camera.

Rear Camera – The rear camera on the Vivo Y73 takes better pictures than the one found in the Sony Ericsson XPERIA S and Nokia E71. It also has a very sharp lens that makes taking photos of outdoor scenes with great colors. You can download the free Picasa app to transfer your files directly to your smartphone. On the rear, you will find a very solid body and a round-shaped, bright screen that makes it easy for you to use the handset.

Fingerprint Scanner – If you want to protect your privacy, the Vivo Y73 comes with a fingerprint scanner. This is a very useful addition since there is no way for a thief to use your phone’s touch screen to bypass the lock. You can set this smartphone up with a secured data storage using Google Android Verify or Moxier’s MyFaceKits. The two come preinstalled with each other and the vivo y73 also has a unique voice dialing feature.

Android Kit Kat 4.4 – The touch screen of the vivo y73 looks similar to that of the iPhone and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. There are several different ways that you can customize this handset. You can either choose from over two hundred and sixty apps that are available for download apps from Moxier’s online store. You can also enjoy the multi-dimensional gesture support that is present in the smartphone. If you are an avid traveler and want to capture pictures of your favourite places across the globe, you can use the built-in image support in your mobile phone.

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